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City Forward Community At Work Help

Use this control to create a new exploration.

Click the control to start creating a new exploration. An exploration contains one or more data visualizations and text blocks. Each visualization contains attributes that you select from the ‘Add Attributes’ control. You may also select a visualization type such as column chart, line chart, data grid, etc.

Once your visualization is created, you may save it as public, so other people can see the results of your exploration.

“The City Forward Community at Work” displays public explorations based on the selections you make after clicking next to “I’m Interested In”. An exploration contains data visualizations and text blocks that people share with the City Forward community. As you select locations and subjects, the list refreshes to focus attention on the things that interest you. Feel free to take a look at what work others have done and add your comments. Click on the title of the exploration to view it and make your comments in the area on the left side of the page.

“Data Available in City Forward” contains a list of data available based on the selections you make after clicking next to “I’m Interested In”. There are options to display this list by data source, alphabetically, by location, and by subject. As you select locations and subjects, this list is updated to show the data sources and attributes available in City Forward.


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Discussions about City Stories

 Comments about City Stories created in City Forward


5 days ago by Gina Cardosi

City Discussions

Join or start a discussion about your city


04 March 2013 by Maureen Holland

City Data and Analysis

Discuss how to properly analyze city data, how to use it interesting ways including infographics and applications, and discuss which cities have the best open data policies


13 February 2013 by Peter Merrick

Urban Issues

Area to discuss challenges facing your city


09 February 2013 by FRANK

Troubleshooting and Tips

 Helpful tips for using City Forward and a place to report issues that you encounter


25 March 2012 by City Forward

Save Exploration

Enter a title and description, indicate if you want to publish the exploration or save it as a draft, add a few tags to help describe your exploration, and then click the Save button. You can locate this exploration in the future in the My Work section of My City Forward.

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